Comprehensive services of Drabpol Design Office in the field of 3D printing

Manufacturing quality of products to support production of prototypes as well as a preliminary low-volume production

Do you have a ready project you want to produce? Or maybe you have an idea, but you do not know how to turn it into a final product?

Regardless of how far along you are - DRABPOL Design Office (DRABPOL DO), supported by 3D printers, will help you transform an idea into a final product.

Project path from A to Z - choose at what stage you are and how we can help:

1. Creation of a graphic project

based on professional software cooperating with 3D printing technology, from scratch based on the described idea

2. In the case of existing drawing

translating it into a 3D printing language

3. In certain cases

performing a scan of the required space using the 3D optical scanner

4. Finding errors

implementing functional changes and applying all necessary changes so that the final product can be approved for a given type of industry

5. A full printout

from the material that was dedicated to a given project and its phase (prototype or low volume production)

6. The finished product

undergoes the process of final aesthetic treatment


DRABPOL Design Office (DRABPOL DO) has been equipped with another tool that extends its machinery park and enlarges the range of provided services by the production of components in industrial quality.

It is an advanced production system based on FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modeling). Thanks to servomotors and a work chamber that may be heated up to do 2000 ° C, it allows to manufacture highly specialized tools, as well as functional and robust prototypes.

Design with DRABPOL Design Office (DRABPOL DO) in practice:

Regardless of the stage of your project, DRABPOL DO is the right place to go to create the final product.
Regardless of the stage of your project , DRABPOL DO can help you create the project from scratch and transform into a final product or bring the already started process to an end.


A big workspace enables production of large-sized elements. In addition, if it is necessary to manufacture a product with an overall size larger than the work space, it is possible to make the printout “in parts”. Elements that were printed in parts can be joined by means of different techniques – from gluing or welding to detachable connections (screw, snap or lock)

Production capacity:

• FDM 3D painting technology
• Workspace 406 x 355 x 406 mm
• Layer height 330 – 254 – 178 – 127 μm


The DRABPOL DO service is mainly dedicated to markets such as aviation, railway and automotive, but also for medical applications or intended for contact with food and groceries.
The scope of services offers support “from A to Z”. Starting from the preparation of a 3D model (using a specialized software), to the resulting printout, joining of the printed elements and the surface treatment of the product


DRABPOL DO has a full material license for all types of printouts, which are made of thermo-plastic certified materials, fulfilling all applicable standards for a given market.

For customers from avionics, automotive of railway markets, DRABPOL DO uses the following materials:

►standard ABS plastic, in different colours

► ABS-ESD7, characterizing with the low static electricity required for applications in the electrical and electronics industry.

► ASA used for outdoor applications (increased UV resistance)

► nylon 12 and nylon 12CF – reinforced with carbon fiber, intended for heavily loaded elements, and applications where high fatigue resistance is required.

► ULTEM 9085 and 9085CG, high strength, as well as non-flammable, suitable for applications in the automotive, aviation and railway industry. The material is used by the leading aviation manufacturers – Boeing and Airbus

Other materials covered by Fortus 450 mc :

► ABS-M30 / ABS-M30i
► PC
► ULTEM 1010
► ST-130
► Antero 800NA


To speed the implementation of ordered works, in the case of reverse engineering, we use a 3D optical scanner. It allows to scan even complex geometry (e.g. engine bay, a given compartment or element of the vehicle or aircraft cabin). Drabpol’s comprehensive offer in the field of 3D printing is complemented by the use of a CNC milling plotter with a workspace of 1000 x 700 and 700 x 500 mm. Thus, milling and cutting can take place in various materials, such as: aluminum alloy sheet (durals), epoxy-glass composites, plywood, foil etc.


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